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CHILI | 2012, the world has become smaller ever since airfare has gone down. More people see the world and encounter different cultures. Muchachomalo believes that each culture is unique and beautiful. Cultural differences and heritage are a wonderful inspiration for the 2012 Cultures collection. This print takes you all the way to magical Chili; known for its famous Easter Island with its speci c sculptures, called Moai, that represent fertility.


This mix of vector and pen created print is inspired by the old civilization of Rapa Nui. These shorts show the famous big sculptures that are found on Easter Island and images of the birdman.


The vector made print shows a Rapa Nui head. The side panels are covered with the big sculptures of Easter Island. History tells us that the strongest men of the different tribes of Rapa Nui had to compete with each other to become the new ruler of the Island. In the background is a cage that refers to a birds nest. An important part of the competition was finding the egg of a tern.

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